White Paper

Safe communication:
How AGVs can exchange data in real time with EchoRing™

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) have become an integral part of logistics. Especially in view of digital change and the Internet of Things (IoT), the expectations for these are growing, along with demand for more services.

Nowadays, many machines can communicate with each other in the sense of industry 4.0. However, communication between AGVs is still very limited, since radio transmission of data cannot be reliably guaranteed to this day.

EchoRing™, an award-winning wireless transmission technology, can solve this problem. The technology, which works with the physics of WLAN, enables the transmission of real-time data with very high reliability. EchoRing™ was specifically developed for applications that simultaneously require time-critical performance and high robustness, and is therefore also well suited for the provision of functional safety. For AGVs, this opens up completely novel possibilities for powerful new functions.